The Global Alliance for Children mobilizes targeted investments in childhood as a core component of a nations social and economic progress.

Build Strong Beginnings

Increasing the number of children who reach their full potential. expert options demo

Put Family Care First

Decrease the number of children living outside of family care—in institutions or on the streets.

Protect Children

Decrease the incidence of violence, exploitation, abuse and neglect of children.

The Alliance helps support the development of country ownership, information systems, national and international cooperation, science and learning.

In a world with many expert option review uae challenges—poverty, security, violence, inequality, food security, pandemics, and many more proposed solutions, the greatest challenge and singularly the most important solution is our children and the kinds of childhoods that they have.

With fragmented and partial responses to each one of these challenges, our belief is that a good childhood for all children is the unifying thread, expert option account types the cross cutting solution, and a way forward—a way to replace what divides us with what unites us as a world, people and institutions. Learn about our work.

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