Nations reach their potential when children reach theirs.

We seek to create platforms through which multi-sector partners can deliver measurable results for children deprived of safe, nurturing family based care.

A Global Alliance.

Global Alliance for Children is a coalition of foundations, multilateral and bilateral agencies, governments, universities, corporations, implementing agencies and individual experts working together to ensure that children realize their full developmental potential within nurturing, protective family based care.

Our core belief is that multiple sectors working together toward a common agenda can achieve greater good than any one actor alone. We seek to create platforms through which multiple layers of stakeholders can gather necessary evidence, build trust and work collectively on solving an identified complex problem.

Making it Happen.

Catalyzing country level, multi-sector initiatives that deliver measurable results for children deprived of safe, nurturing family based care.

Making the Case.

Building the evidence base needed to both inform and support increased investments in safe, nurturing family based care.

Making it a Priority.

Increase global awareness of the importance of nurturing relationships to child development and why an integrated approach is key to success.

Learn more about why nurturing family based care is so important.


The Challenge.

In the first few years of a child’s life 700 new brain connections are formed every second. A major ingredient in this process of brain development is a consistent, nurturing relationship between a child and their parent or caregiver. When such a relationship is absent or inadequate, a child’s brain does not form properly, leading to lifelong deficits in learning and behavior. Scientists also have learned that chronic, unrelenting stress, caused by extreme poverty, abuse or neglect, can be toxic to a child’s developing brain.

It is estimated that as many as 43% percent of the world’s children under the age of 5—a staggering 250 million—are at risk of not meeting their developmental potential. Tens of millions of these children are living without any form of parental care and are therefore lacking the kind of nurturing relationship that is needed for their brain to grow properly. For millions more, the relationship between caregiver and child is broken because of severe abuse, exploitation and chronic neglect, which leads to the same dire consequences for the developing brain.

The Opportunity.

Data shows that programs and policies that support safe, nurturing and family based care for young children not only have a dramatic effect but also yield a very high return on investment. Too often, global and national efforts to support young children have remained fragmented and limited resources spread across a wide array of uncoordinated activities. Coordinated, multi-sectoral action can help ensure that all children have the benefit of safe, nurturing family based care.

Our Focus

Nurturing Families. Thriving Children. Secure Futures.

Build Strong Beginnings

Increase the number of children meeting their developmental milestones.

Put Family Care First

Reduce the number of children outside of family care.

Protect Children

Reduce the incidence of household based violence against children.

Our Partners

We are a like-minded and global group of scientists, researchers, policy analysts, advocates, and national government officers with a common goal.

Our Team

Heather Snook

Director of Operations

Heather joined Global Alliance for Children as Operations Manager in March of 2016, with previous experience in business administration, data analytics and strategic planning for a local startup. Prior to moving into business operations, she worked in non-profit development for over 5 years and supported fundraising operations at organizations such as National Public Radio in Washington, DC and Tufts Medical Center in Boston, MA. As GAC Operations Manager, Heather oversees all business and programmatic operations, including contracting, compliance, donor management, and financial reporting. Heather received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Denison University. 

Board of Directors

Philip Goldman

Founder and President of Maestral International

Georgette Mulheir

Chief Executive Officer at Lumos Foundation

Dan Lauer

Senior Program Officer, Global Development at GHR Foundation

Sally Faiz

Programme Director, Child Protection at UBS Optimus Foundation

Michael Gibbons

Director of Children’s Rights and Education at Wellspring Advisors

Britta Holmberg

Deputy Secretary General and Program Director at World Childhood Foundation

Laura Rawlings

Lead Social Protection Specialist at The World Bank

Dan Stoner

Associate Vice President for Education and Child Protection at Save the Children

Cornelius Williams

Associate Director & Global Chief of Child Protection, Programme Division at UNICEF

Nurturing families. Thriving children. Secure futures.

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