Focus, Strategy and Activities

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In response to the global and national conditions of children in extreme adversity, a group of foundation, bilateral, multilateral, NGO and private sector partners founded the Global Alliance for Children: Ensuring the Future. Through a donor advised fund, joint programs and coordinated funding, the Alliance seeks to achieve three core objectives in six countries over the course of five years. The three core goals/outcomes are:

  • Build Strong Beginnings: Reduce the number of children less than five years of age not meeting key developmental milestones. Key focus: nutrition-stunting, social care and early childhood development.
  • Put Family Care First: Reduce the number of children living outside of family care. Key focus: economic household level strengthening, positive parenting, de-institutionalization and permanent family care.
  • Protect Children: Reduce the number of children who experience violence, exploitation, and abuse. Key focus: anti-exploitive child labor, domestic violence and safe schools programs.

Our Supporting Objectives

Science tells us these outcome areas are key investments or pathways out of adversity for children growing up in conditions of severe deprivation or danger. When linked to core health and education programs, this new approach will lead to significant long-term benefits for millions of children and participating nations.

The Alliance embraces three supporting objectives designed to bolster the prospects for the success of the three core objectives. The first is to support the strengthening of child welfare and projection systems so that children will have access to essential services, such as birth registration and social protection programs. The second is the promotion of evidence-based policies and programs that emphasize sound measurement methods and quantifiable results. Finally, Alliance members commit to collaborate with each other by coordinating funding and sharing information, expertise and best practices in order to achieve the desired outcomes noted immediately above.

Core Activities

Among our core activities are:

  • Assisting governments and their partners to identify measurable, quantifiable results in each of the three core Alliance areas, ideally through a new or modified national plan of action or the equivalent;
  • Developing national surveillance systems to track progress against the identified results areas and identify efficacious programmatic responses through high quality studies and independent evaluations to further the evidence basis for the Alliance‚Äôs work;
  • Coordinating government and stakeholder (multilateral, bilateral, non-governmental organizations (NGO)/community-based organizations (CBO)/faith-based organizations (FBO), private sector donor and community/local) programs, projects and activities to align their work in ways that will further the results to be achieved in select countries;
  • Establishing national children alliances in priority countries;
  • Mobilizing global and local financial resources to support the work in each of the six countries.
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